Decision: Taiwan

Oh, Taiwan.  Where have you been all my life? Right here, waiting for me to just show up.  So glad I finally did.

I hadn't heard back from the producer for an upcoming job that I was on hold for.  I checked in on Monday morning and was told it had pushed at least a week.  January had been slammed and I was letting go of the remnants of a nasty cough thing I had.  I had been house bound as soon as my jobs wrapped so I could heal in private.  But now my blood was flowing again and I was ready for action.

Hmmm, at least a week.  That meant I had 2 weeks that were free and clear.  The town had slowed down and I would have gotten a call already if there was something in the works.  I jumped.

I had turned in my passport to get my Chinese visa and it was coming back on Wednesday (I hoped), so that meant Wednesday night I could hop on a plane.  I looked at my porn map (big one that I plot my adventures on, mu version of porn), where on Earth could I go? Sri Lanka? Tickets too pricey.  Europe? Too cold.  Ecuador? Not enough time.  I had 2 weeks to travel and 2 days til I left.  What country was manageable in 2 weeks? BAM! Taiwan!

I had always wanted to go and had booked a ticket last year which I had to trash because I got hit with a ton of gigs.  I had the guidebook, the weather didn't look particularly heinous, and it was $613 RT (see? Last minute isn't as crazy as you thought!).  DONE! Oh! And it's Chinese New Year too boot! This monkey was gonna make the most of it, let's hit the road!

I booked a highly rated hostel online, Taipei City home, and packed more "civilized" clothing.  I haven't packed a pair of jeans in God only knows how long but Taiwan is cosmopolitan and the girls are dangerously cute so I couldn't go in looking like a slob.  Packing cute but comfortable is actually pretty hard. I only like to carry 20 lbs (10 kilos) in my backpack so I couldn't go crazy.  I also had to pack a jacket or two so there's a couple more inches gone.  I packed mostly black and grey so A. Dirt won't show and B. I look rocker cool. Done.

Now, wheels up, bitches!!