Married To My Passport

The water was calm when I left on the boat from Bunaken Island. It was in stark contrast to my arrival when the boat was being hammered by waves and rain was pissing down and finding a home puddling on my seat. The sea matched my mood this time. I didn't need an adventure any more. I needed to think and reflect on my trip which was coming to an end. This trip was a lesson in letting the Universe take whatever course it wants to take without little human me putting up any obstacles. An exercise in letting go and just trusting that everything, always, will turn out for the best. The guy from the resort was trying to engage me and chat about whatever it is that he wanted to chat about. I wanted to think and to watch the birds, the small local boats, and watch the water turn every shade of blue in the crayon box.

As much as I was looking forward to going home I was sad about the slow wind down of my trip, I feared it would give me too much time to reflect. First it was a boat to the "mainland" of Sulawesi, a flight to Surabaya, a flight to Kuala Lumpur then overnight to Sydney. Spend the day in Sydney and the next day direct to LA. It was to be a brutal and non-sensical route home but since I hate to plan ahead, it was what I got. I'll give tight schedules and easy connecting flights for freedom any day. I need the freedom to spend 6 days instead of the 2 I thought I'd need in an awesome little random village that I found. Not to mention the luxury of riding out a bad bout of food poisoning near a toilet and not on a bus across bumpy roads because I've got a schedule to keep, dammit!

With the wind blowing my hair back I could barely recall what it was like to be home: the routine, the frequent showers, the lack of bugs. I could, however, remember cuddles from my cat and my luxurious bed quite clearly and that's what I was craving. The beginning of my trip was a bit of a blur, I was having a hard time conjuring memories of hiking and blue holes. Sometimes I worry that I'll run out of room in my brain for all the memories of people and trips. Maybe that's why my blog is so important to me. I need a refresher, a helping hand because so many unbelievably awesome things are stuffed in there and I don't have an accurate system to get them all out. But I feel like it's better to constantly make new memories and let some of them slip through the cracks than to dwell on five good memories for the rest of your life. 

People always ask me how I travel so much and if I'm secretly an heiress. I simply say that it's a choice I have made. We make choices every day: buy those sexy stilettos, splurge on a spa day, even grabbing a Starbucks every day. I choose to save my pennies. I choose to have a credit card with miles. I chose not to have a child (HUGE money hole right there!). I choose my life over my work. And guess what, the work is still there! It doesn't go away! I choose to drive a used car into the ground and NOT get a new lease every 2 years. This life is easy to choose, you just have to know that you have the option to choose it. Give yourself permission. Buy a ticket and get the hell out...