Fast Friends

It seems I'm making friends very quickly on this trip. In the China Airlines line at LAX I see a young woman two people ahead of me. She's got a big backpack on her back and she looks ready for adventure. "Excuse me, where are you off to?" I ask. She replies that she's off to India then South East Asia traveling for just over 2 months. We get to chatting and I see her heart and jaw drop when she realizes she left her phone at home. I reassure her and let her use my phone to call her bestie. By the time we reach the front of the line, her bestie has delivered her phone and we have become friends. Funny how things work! We try to sit together but it doesn't work out, but we get to hang out and share stories until we are finally forced to board. This is her first trip to Asia and I feel like it's the start to a whole new travel world for her. i'm super happy I could be a part of her grand adventure. Oh, and did I mention she lives right down the street from me??

While flying I take many bathroom and stretch beaks. I've been called a yogini more times than I can count but I am very far from that. I do love a good stretch so I contort to my body's limit in the galley by the bathrooms. One of the times I get bendy I start talking to two women who are doing the same thing. I bond quickly with one of them. She wins my heart when she tells me that it's her goal to go to every continent. She's retired and she spends most of her time traveling now. She is my soul sister.

More chatting reveals that we are both flying to Phnom Penh, Cambodia (our initial flight was LAX to Taipei). Instantly we make plans to hook up, shop and go to the embassy to get our Vietnamese visas together. There's nothing like having plans with a friend when you're not even at your destination! 

It's funny, I knew this was going to be a great trip when I booked it. My heart is open wide and I am ready for adventure.