Tin (or Tin Tin as she's also known) has been in the film business for over 20 years.  For the first several years of Tin's career she costume designed films but soon made the transition to commercials.  Commercials are her heart.  She loves the collaboration between director and agency as well as working with the producer to stay within budget.  Bridging ideas and making the commercial cohesive and stylish is a strong suit of hers.  


From shopping looks to creating garments and accessories to aging the hell outta clothing, Tin's long experience has assembled a wide array of weapons in her styling arsenal.  You dream it, she can do it!


As well as styling, Tin's an avid traveler (110 countries and territories and counting, whaaaaat?) and will bring the knowledge of style around the world to your set.  From the streets of Paris to the villages of Vanuatu, she can recreate whatever vibe you are going for.  Cheongsams to penis gourds, she's got you covered.  


Rocking the 705